p It was clear that after Get Out made a cool $162 million in America alone, writer-director Jordan Peele was going to go on and make more fantastic (and hopefully horrifying) things.

After a couple of months of speculation, we now know what his next project’s going to be.

According to a Deadline report, Peele’s partnering with J.J. Abrams and Warner Brothers Television to adapt Matt Ruff’s Lovecraft Country into a series for HBO.

Lovecraft Country tells the story of Atticus Turner, a young Army veteran who sets out on a search through New England when his father mysteriously disappears.

While Turner is forced to deal with the very real struggles facing black men living in 1950s America at the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement, he’s also confronted by a series of supernatural dangers seemingly haunting the area he’s traveling to—commonly referred to as Lovecraft Country.

The pilot script currently in development is being penned by Underground writer Misha Green.

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