p After Apple stopped the flow of cash into the Qualcomm pockets, the chip maker seems to be trying to fall out with everyone else too as it drags another four organizations into the courtroom.

The latest chapter in its ongoing battle with Apple is to take its contract manufacturer’s to court to demand the payment of royalties for using its designs in iPhones.

Foxconn, Pegatron, Wistron, and Compal Electronics will all find themselves in the courts primarily because they have been caught in the middle of an argument between mummy and daddy.

Apple has forbid its contractors from paying Qualcomm it a clever and underhanded move which is unique to the iPhone supply chain.

Other smartphone manufacturers has direct relationships with Qualcomm, but Apple has put its contractors in the middle.

Apple seems happy to throw its contractors into the line of, as long as it can supply the cult-like army of iLifers with an expensive phone which is driven by the perception of a desirable brand, as opposed to any technological superiority.

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