p Twitter has announced a new set of advanced privacy options which provide more insight into how your data is being used by the platform, and more control over such information, while they're also boosting their capacity to collect similar insights, based on your web usage.

And while the measures are largely in line with how other platforms are using such data, it's important to understand the implications of these updates - particularly for websites using embedded tweets.

First off, on the new privacy tools - as explained by Twitter:

“We’re expanding Your Twitter Data to give you the most transparent access to your Twitter information to date, including demographic and interest data, and advertisers that have included you in their tailored audiences on Twitter.

Through these new data tools, you can find out what interests Twitter has pegged you with, and remove any that are not relevant, which will help ensure the content targeted to you is better suited, and ensure that advertisers using Twitter are able to reach a more engaged audience.

Based on my listing, their matches seem pretty accurate too – I removed a couple after taking this screenshot, but overall, it’s a fair indicator of my interests, and the ones that weren’t quite right were based on my interactions with friends who are into those subjects.

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