If you’re anything like me, you probably started it at the breakfast table hunched protectively over a cup of coffee, blearily reading something on the screen of your smartphone.

In the age of social media and an abundance of content, why is the humble email newsletter suddenly thriving?

In this article I will take a look at how the biggest recent innovations in email marketing have aided the rise of email newsletters, and how you can learn from these to be smart about your own newsletter efforts.

Read an article on almost any given blog and when you go to navigate away, a pop-up will appear imploring you to “subscribe for updates!” or “don’t miss a post!”

Companies who once badgered their customers for Facebook likes and follows are now much more likely to solicit subscriptions to their email newsletter.

There are some common-sense reasons for this: social media provides such a torrent of information that it can be futile to try to keep up with everything, and with the demise of RSS feeds, email newsletters have emerged as a way to receive updates from your favorite content creators in a handy, easily digestible format.

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