p If you haven’t heard, a lot of Chromebooks can run Android apps now, but not everything in the Google Play Store is going to make sense for your lightweight laptop — we’re looking at you, Snapchat.

The seven apps you’ll find on this list actually feel like they belong in a world of keyboards and trackpads.

It’s one of our favourite picks for editing on mobile devices, and it looks great on a Chromebook too.

Now owned and developed by GoPro, Quik doesn’t just let you do simple cuts, it also allows you to add music, choose filters, and even overlay some really cool text onto your videos.

It’s not the most advanced app out there, but the results are impressive enough that you might not miss iMovie.

Google and Microsoft have capable online office suites you can use on your Chromebook, but the Android versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint aren’t currently compatible with the best of the current batch of Android-enabled Chromebooks and sometimes it’s nice to get away from the all seeing eye of Google.

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