Danske bank's chief economist Pasi Kuoppamäki, according to the employment and the unemployment rate rose at the same time telling labour force growth, namely labor outside left 35 000 fewer than a year earlier.

"disguised unemployment returned to active job seekers, so unemployment rate rose in the background is actually a positive phenomenon: the Finnish students are more active in work and at work also is more", he said.

TEM:n index of the unemployed on the basis of the calculated unemployment rate has fallen markedly, which also explains the employment situation improved.

Also, the long-term unemployed number has turned to a clear decline.

the pit of the hill waiting for economic growth and confidence rise to increase employment markedly 2017 during services than in industry.

according to Statistics finland's labour force survey, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 8.9 percent in April, i.e. the same as in march, which, though torn sioitit 0.2 percentage points higher from the previously announced 8.7%.

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