p After rolling out a new social profile feature to a whopping three users back in March, Reddit finally opened up a limited beta version to a select (significantly larger) group of users last week.

It took exactly five days for them to ruin it.

As Gizmodo wrote when the feature first went live (starting with Reddit CEO Alexis Ohanian, power user Hector Janse van Rensburg, and some weird branded page for League of Legends), these more robust profile pages looked a lot like Reddit dipping a toe into social features that would value individual users at the same level as communities.

Rather than post links, text, or images to specific communities, some Reddit users can now post to their own profiles, and those profiles can be followed by others as though they were communities.

The site’s automated message even informs beta testers “you’ve just become a moderator of your own profile.

Congrats!” Does that seem like a questionable decision for a website that has consistently had trouble defining and enforcing its rules?

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