Once it’s up and running, each Kik user will get a Kin wallet and opportunities to earn Kin for being part of the community.

/p p The move appears to be an attempt to monetize Kik’s young user base.

Roughly 30 percent of Kik users are teenagers, and now minors ages 13-17 will be able to collect Kin currency, along with the rest of Kik’s users.

/p p In an interview with VentureBeat last month, CEO Ted Livingston stressed the need for bot platforms to provide payment methods and address monetization and scale for the developers and businesses making bots.

But payments have presented a problem for platforms like Kik, whose teen users may lack access to more traditional payment methods, like credit cards.

/p p “We believe an open, self-governing, and decentralized model could be the most sustainable, and what we think is the best path forward,” Clift said.

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