p It's probably best you don't try this at home, but Colin Furze's solution for killing time is nevertheless entertaining.

If you just can’t stand waiting for your microwave to nuke your potato or whatever other morsel you choose to chuck in, then Colin Furze’s latest creation could be just the ticket.

The bonkers British inventor and YouTube star has just cooked up the “Play-O-Wave” machine, essentially a game console built into a microwave oven.

The absurd appliance eliminates the stress of having to listen to your food hiss and pop, as well as the pressure of trying to choose a smartphone app within a very tight time frame.

Furze built the contraption in response to a viewer’s request — a regular feature of his YouTube channel where fans are encouraged to send in ideas.

This particular challenge was posted by a guy called Dan, someone evidently partial to the occasional onion topped with peanut butter.

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