The Kindle Fire is a 7 inch, 14 once, Wi-Fi enabled, mobile personal computer device manufactured and designed by Amazon. The Kindle Fire was launched in November 2011 as a cheaper alternative to the Apple Ipad, and quickly became a hit with customers owing to its great price tag of just $199. The Kindle Fire runs on a customized version of the Android 2.3 Operating System, comes with 8GB in-built memory and is best served to users as a mobile Internet and entertainment device.

So What Exactly is a Tablet Computer?

A tablet computer is a portable, lightweight personal computer that is smaller in size than a laptop and enables a user to perform lightweight computer tasks such as checking emails, Internet browsing, listening to music, watching movies, reading eBooks, playing games and using lightweight applications on the move and in many different locations.

Tablet computers are designed to be compact and lightweight with portability in mind and are generally wireless or 3G enabled and operated through a touch screen interface.

The Benefits of a Tablet Computer

  • Convenient and mobile.
  • Cheaper than a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Easy to carry around and use on the move.
  • Great for multimedia / entertainment purposes.
  • Wide range or purpose designed applications available.
  • Great for use while travelling.

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