Delia Derbyshire, the innovative soundsmith of the BBC's Radiophonic Workshop and creator of the Doctor Who theme tune is to be celebrated via the medium of the blue plaque, with the iconic memorial to be stuck on the wall of her childhood home in Coventry.

She's in good company in this latest wave of plaque winners, with David Bowie getting one outside the site of his former favoured recording base Trident Studios in London, ABBA seeing one stuck up on the wall in Brighton to mark their storming 1974 Eurovision victory, and the late Lemmy of Motorhead fame having a plaque attached at Port Vale FC, which has adopted Ace of Spades as its unofficial anthem.

Drummer John Bonham, DJ John Peel and singer Nick Drake are also on the list, with perhaps the most niche site to be commemorated being Alan Erasmus's flat -- where Factory Records was founded.

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