Robots and robotics stole the limelight at the third edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Asia, which was held this month at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre to showcase China’s most innovative companies.

The PowerRay can swim to 30m below the surface, use its own sonar system to find fish, then stream 4K Ultra HD videos – of fish – up to the lazy fisherman’s smartphone.

A fleet of AvatarMind’s iPal robots were busy singing away in unison, while the Qihan Sanbot – a service droid designed to work in shops, or help around hospitals – was strutting its stuff (actually its flipper-like arms) on the catwalk over on the “robots on the runway” stage.

Not far away was Canbot U03s, which is basically a colour touch screen with built in cameras, speakers, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and Pudu, an automated trolley that waits tables, but can only manage a four-hour shift.

The stand for Beijing-based company Roobo was also buzzing with robots, including Domgy, a “family friend” that appears to be a blend of an obstacle-avoiding robot vacuum cleaner and a smartphone.

It’s destined for a future giving directions and advice in banks, shops, exhibition halls and airports.

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