Father’s Day is coming up (Sunday 18th June in the US), and it’s a perfect time to launch a related marketing tie-in to tap into active shoppers looking for gifts.

And Father’s Day may present more of an opportunity than you’d think – earlier this month, Facebook released data which showed that Mother’s Day 2017 “drove more posts in a single day than any other topic on Facebook in the last year".

And given the celebratory nature of the event, it’s hard to go wrong – if you’re looking for an opportunity to tap into a trend to drive your marketing message, Father’s Day could be key.

To help businesses make the most of the event, Twitter has released a new listing of tips on key trends and ideas to keep in mind for Father’s Day.

First up, on hashtags – Twitter says that while the FathersDay hashtag is the most obvious, there’s plenty of opportunity in the expanded hashtag conversation, including:

fathersday2017, ilovemydad, thanksdad, firstfathersday, BestDadAward, MyDadMyHero.

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