2017 has seen the surprising resurgence of Nokia, bringing new phones and now, a suite of connected health products to the market.

But before you go rushing to buy them, you should know that most of these products aren’t new, but what’s new about them might make all the difference.

Earlier this year, we were told by co-founder of Withings Cedric Hutchings that by leveraging the Nokia branding and betting big on the future, companies like Fitbit have good reason to be worried.

And now, it’s finally showing a little force by launching rebranded versions of Withings’ products, including its Withings Steel HR, the Withings Health Mate app, the Withings Go and the smart thermometer, among others.

Today marks the launch of Nokia Body, an affordable Wi-Fi connected scale that can track weight, body mass index, total fat and how much water you’ve got in your system.

At $59 (£55), it’s one of the cheaper smart scales we’ve seen.

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