After graduating from college in 1994, I spent a few years at McKinsey & Co. – a young kid in an ill-fitting suit naively but energetically attempting to convince experienced and jaded managers to do their jobs differently.

While we know the answer now (cable), I recall spending a lot of time studying the technical specifications of cable and telephony “last mile” connectivity.

The concept of the last mile – the final leg of the connection to each home – originated in telecom but is now a primary focus for supply chain management and e-commerce in particular.

In telecom and other utilities, the cost of building the last mile is what results in natural monopolies, thereby requiring regulation.

The prevalence of technical skills in job descriptions is particularly acute for entry-level positions, many of which now involve utilizing SaaS platforms to manage functions like supply chain, sales, marketing, customer service, finance, IT and HR.

So candidates who don’t have keywords like Salesforce (sales), Pardot (marketing), Marketo (digital marketing), Google Adwords (digital marketing), ZenDesk Plus (customer service), NetSuite (finance), Financial Force (finance), and Workday (HR) on their resumes are unlikely to be considered.

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