Product category pages play an important role in an online shopper’s journey, acting as a hub for filtering products on the path toward making a purchase.

A well-made product category page contributes to a good shopping experience, encourages purchases, and offers search engines indexable landing pages. reported a 7-percent increase in site conversions when it took steps to improve page load time and add content to the page more quickly.

Separately, at a 2016 Akamai event, Dr. Dongbai Guo, chief technology officer at AliExpress, reported a 10.5-percent increase in orders and a 27-percent increase in new customer conversions when his company improved page load times.

Moreover, page speed is a ranking factor for Google and other search engines and it may be an important ranking factor for mobile search results pages.

Aim for product category pages to load in one second or less.

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