This might be the first time you hear about it, but Samsung has quietly rolled out a special walking app that alerts distracted pedestrians anytime they’re about to bump into a wall or cross at a red light – but nobody is using it.

While Walk Mode landed on the Google Play store in mid-May, it appears to have slipped under the radar, accumulating a total of less than 500 installs since launching.

According to the information, the software was developed by Samsung’s India-based research and development in the city of Noida.

To keep you alert, the app uses the “sensors on your phone to notify you if there is any danger nearby.” Samsung’s research team hasn’t explained exactly how and exactly which sensors the software makes use of.

Walk Mode comes with four different modes.

For example, Unsafe Walking Alerts notify “you about any unsafe steps you take when using your phone while walking.” Horn Detection, on the other hand, automatically detects vehicle horns to alert you about nearby cars.

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