Brands who have yet to consider a separate mobile strategy could be risking their business growth, with the UK now spending more time online on smartphones than any other device (UKOM, 2017).

According to Google’s research, if online content isn’t optimised for mobile, a massive 79% of users will search for another site to complete their task.

Not only will this increase your bounce rate which in turn affects your search rankings, but you’ll be losing out on potential sales.

To encourage users down a certain path, it’s crucial to be able to determine the context of their visit to your site, as well as their motivations and intentions of what they want to achieve whilst there.

The portable nature of mobile devices means that the context of a site visit can vary from a user researching a product whilst in that brand’s shop; to purchasing train tickets on-the-go.

Or did they click-through from a display ad for a specific item?

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