There are some technical issues here, but overall Goose VPN is a likeable service, and a reliable one.

Goose VPN is a young privacy provider based in the Netherlands.

It's small in comparison to the top VPN providers – the front page talks of around 13,500 Goose users worldwide – but the company still manages to offer some appealing products and plans.

Goose allows installing and using the service on unlimited devices, and there are custom clients available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, as well as instructions for setting it up on some routers.

A one-year Unlimited Goose plan gets you unlimited traffic for €4.99 (£4.40, $5.60) a month, paid annually.

You can get the same product with monthly billing, although there's a big price hike to €12.99 (£11.50, $14.60) a month.

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