Even though Bitcoin has been called a bubble, investors who have hungrily watched Bitcoin’s price soar 290% over the past year from the sidelines still have a chance to win big.

Or at least that’s according to Goldman Sachs analyst Sheba Jafari.

On Sunday, the banking giant sent a note seen by CNBC that said Bitcoin, now priced at $2,568 a piece, could fall as low as $1,857 before bouncing to a much higher valuation between $3,212 to $3,915.

That means if an investor watches the cryptocurrency carefully and times it perfectly, they could gain as much as 110% on their initial investment.

Granted, that would take quite a bit of patience, with Goldman acknowledging that “it might take time” to hit $3,915.

If Bitcoin were to hit $3,915, then that would add another $22 billion in market capitalization to cryptocurrency, which is up 53% from Bitcoin’s current market capitalization of $42 billion.

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