Comodo Backup is powerful, but installation requires additional steps and the interface isn’t as friendly for beginners as some rivals.

Many people have a big flaw in their backup plans: they store the backup in the same place as their computer, and that means if something terrible happens – a domestic disaster, perhaps, or a break-in – they might lose both the original data and the backup of it.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could store your backups in space instead?

Comodo doesn’t quite do that, but it offers the next best thing: 10GB of online storage for your backups, which is good for 90 days and then US$7.99 (about £6, AU$11) thereafter.

Even if you don’t plump for the online storage option Comodo is a powerful backup suite.

You can backup to local or network drives, removable/writable media or an FTP server, and it can create a perfect copy of an entire drive if you want to be able to restore an entire system and have it just so.

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