Movies like Jurassic Park paint the Tyrannosaurus Rex as a ferocious hunter capable to crushing bones (and Jeep Grand Cherokees), but more recent research suggests the king of the lizards was largely a scavenger.

Now, new research into an ancient species of crocodile paints a picture of a creature that not only boasted teeth as large as a T-Rex, but had an attitude to match its intimidating appearance.

It’s called the Razanadrongobe sakalavae, or “Razana” for short, and it’s not something you’d have wanted to encounter on the muddy shore of a Jurassic watering hole.

New research into the ancient crocodile species reveals that its thick jaw bones, deep skull structure, and huge teeth would have made it adept at not just rending flesh from bone, but but pulverizing tendon and bone for consumption as well.

Its teeth were also serrated, making it particularly good at tearing through body parts.

It was an imposing force in the Jurassic period, and may have even been the top predator in the region (now Madagascar).

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