Its very difficult to provide VPS with free cPanel in $20 per month only, I think you should increase your budget because VPS cPabel license cost on an average is $10-12, instead of VPS you can purchase reseller account or shared hosting.I believe that hostwinds team will find the best hosting solution for your specific needs.
Their network uptime is great. If you want reliable, low-cost, excellent discounting hosting service, this host is Animated Web Video Production the way to go.They promise huge space and bandwidth because they know most customers don't use as nearly as they signed up with their hosting account. But if you really need an amount of space or bandwidth you thought you were entitled to, there might be a problem.What is their policy if you need to change your hosting configuration mid-contract? For example, if you start out in a shared server configuration and need to move to a dedicated or VPS environment during your contract term, is that allowed? Are there penalties?