And Intel sighs with relief

A judge in Manhattan dismissed both the barmy baron's 2016 lawsuit and Intel's countersuit on Wednesday after they announced they had received agreement over how and when McAfee was allowed to use his own name.

The full details of the settlement are not known, but McAfee-the-man has agreed not to use his name or trademark a variation of his name in the cybersecurity field.

The legal battle kicked off in 2016 when Intel told McAfee that his plan to rename his cybersecurity company "John McAfee Global Technologies" would infringe [PDF] its "McAfee" trademark.

Three years later, McAfee-the-man decided to leave the company he had set up and named after himself and effectively go into retirement.

In 2011, Intel then bought McAfee-the-company for $7.7bn, including the 1991 McAfee brand agreement.

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