It feels like we were due another massive online database leak, and, sure enough, there’s just been another one.

On this occasion it’s wrestling fans who have been exposed, after an unprotected WWE database was discovered containing the personal information of over 3 million users.

Bob Diachenko, Chief Security Communications Officer at security firm Kromtech (the same company that discovered a database containing 560 million login credentials back in May), found the trove of data, which included home and email addresses, dates of birth, educational background, ethnicity, earnings, and even customers’ children’s age ranges and genders, all stored in plain text.

Diachenko said the data was stored on an Amazon Web Services S3 server that had no username or password protection and could be accessed by anyone who knew the web address to search.

It appears that this database comes from one of the WWE corporation’s marketing teams.

The data matches that found in the account details of customers belonging to the WWE Network, the wrestling company’s subscription streaming service.

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