Intel is launching a series of server processors that it says are 1.65 times faster than its previous generation of chips.

The Intel Xeon Scalable chips range from 8 cores, or processing brains, to 28, and they represent the chip giant’s biggest effort to stay ahead of rival Advanced Micro Devices, which recently launched its Zen-based server chips.

Both companies say that the new chips are their most competitive in a decade.

Lisa Spelman, vice president and general manager of the data center marketing group, said that the new data center platform will enable almost every industry to improve its core computing foundations through better artificial intelligence processing and other benefits.

With this platform, Intel is targeting compute, storage, and communications applications across the data center.

Spelman said the Intel Xeon Scalable platform can support up to 4.2 times more virtual machines and up to five times more transactions per second than four-year-old systems.

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