I've never been to Littleton before and I have no idea where I'm going.

He's wearing an orange hoodie with a fluorescent yellow bib that says "BLIND" in black bold lettering.

His long, easy stride highlights the fact that I'm not a runner (I hate running) and showcases how much time I spend binge-watching shows on Netflix.

As our hoodies grow damp -- mine from sweat, his from drizzle -- I joke that I run a 10-minute mile, but just for that single mile.

Google's $1,500 eyewear grabbed headlines and readers' imaginations when four skydivers jumped out of a zeppelin while wearing Glass for a 2012 demo that introduced the device to the world.

Surgeons are wearing ODG's glasses when performing a discectomy to relieve pressure from a herniated disk, for instance, with real-time X-ray feeds showing up on the heads-up display.

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