Google has unveiled Hire, a new way for businesses to find and hire job seekers within the familiar confines of G Suite.

Originally teased back in April, Hire lets employers keep tabs on potential candidates using familiar Google-made applications in place of other competing recruitment tools.

Hire syncs up directly with G Suite, allowing businesses to perform tasks like contacting candidates directly though Gmail, scheduling interview availability though Google Calendar, and tracking stats on potential employees through Sheets.

Intended for small-to-medium-sized businesses, Hire also keeps track of candidates that made an impression but didn't make the cut, allowing employers to find "silver medal" applicants easier if another position suddenly opens up.

Though Hire hopes to expedite the hiring process, (a 2015 study claims the average time for US companies to fill a job position is 52 days) the use of Google accounts — both professional or personal — for tracking job hires did raise concerns earlier this year.

While syncing up Hire to a Google account is a major part of the process, a Google spokesperson assured TechRadar a few months back that "only information that a candidate voluntarily provides would be passed to a prospective employer as part of their online application."

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