NBC News is bringing news broadcasts to Snapchat, the company announced today, with the launch of a twice-daily headline news show it’s calling “Stay Tuned.” The show aims to connect with younger viewers who no longer get their news from traditional television, nor connect with a trusted anchor during a nightly broadcast as generations before them.

Instead, the two- to three-minute news show will feature four or five segments focused on the top national and international stories of the day, including politics, pop culture and more.

Beyond simply airing the news, the show also aims to explain its importance and provide context.

The result is a show that feels like a compressed version of a news broadcast, with card-style graphics introducing the upcoming stories, interjected video clips of key news events and sound bites and a quick-paced format to keep those with short attention spans engaged.

Meanwhile, some recorded quotes — like a Trump statement, for example — are displayed with captions that have a more youthful feel.

In fact, the captions resemble the stickers used to annotate photo and video on social media — perfect for screenshotting.

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