Earlier this week, Bynder, the global creative file management agency, released the results of a research report entitled Small Business Marketing, Big Digital Challenge, and findings reveal marketers at small and midsize businesses are struggling to efficiently reach intended audiences due to technology roadblocks.

Data illustrates that companies lack the technological and organisational structure for safely and securely storing and sharing digital files, including logos, images, video, brochures, white papers, presentation decks and more; for example, 71% of respondents, store creative content on their computer hard drives, inhibiting access to and use of digital content and putting files at risk of data loss.

Only 37% of respondents feel very confident about the security of their digital assets in how they’re being stored and shared today;

Roughly 75% of respondents feel limited in how they can share assets internally and externally.

Only 38 % feel very confident in their ability to manage assets so that anyone within the organisation can access from anywhere and at any time;

47% of respondents say their top scalability concern is maintaining brand consistency.

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