There are probably many people cheering around in the computer world for the moment, this then Adobe has announced that the heavily criticised plug-in Flash to be retired.

On the company's official blog has an open letter with the title ”Flash & The Future of Interactive content” has been posted.

this is Where we get, among other things, to know that the development and distribution of Flash will cease in 2020, something that will give web developers three years to create workable solutions with the help of more modern technology like html5, WebGL and WebAssembly.

the Flash has in recent years received a very bad reputation, not least because of the large amount of security holes that do that the program needs to be updated to have a look.

Some of you may remember that Apple's then ceo Steve Jobs solid Flash flush with the ankles in an open letter back in april 2010.

Then defended the Adobe their software with tooth and nail, but now the company finally recognised that Flash is not up to the mark.

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