Specifically those overhead-shot, quick-cutting videos showing you how to make tropical shrimp and pineapple grilled skewers, or churro ice cream bowls, or slow cooker honey garlic chicken.

Tasty became a dynasty by mixing recipes, food porn, and the kind of no-sound-required videos that work so well on social media.

Now everyone on the internet copies Tasty's style, but nobody does it as well.

Many of Tasty's videos share one thing in common: Food is boiled, seared, and sous vided atop an induction cooktop, a simple mini-stove that's good for everything from keeping food warm to augmenting the teensy burners in your teensy apartment kitchen.

Now, BuzzFeed's making its own: the Tasty One Top, a $149 "precision smart cooktop" that connects to a new Tasty app, helps you prepare Tasty recipes, and ensures maximum Tasty tastiness for all your cooking needs.

Millions of people are already used to seeing it on-screen in Tasty videos, and the gadget is useful for all sorts of cooking.

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