The service, which has formally launched after months of testing, automatically signs users into compatible Wi-Fi networks

Jisc, a not-for-profit UK education and research digital specialist, has formally launched a govroam, an automated Wi-Fi roaming service for the public sector.

Govroam is based on Jisc’s eduroam, which offers similar capabilities to the further and higher education and research sector, running on the Janet national research and education network and supporting 1.6 million unique devices per month.

The service allows users to install a profile on a device that automatically logs onto any network with govroam support, Jisc said.

“Various aspects of the public sector face the same challenges in supporting a mobile workforce today as the education sector solved 15 years ago through the adoption of eduroam,” Jisc said in a statemenet on the eduroam website.

It said standardised Wi-Fi roaming should save staff time currently spent on arranging for connectivity and issuing temporary credentials while reducing wireless network procurement costs.

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