a few days ago it became known that the VR-world AltspaceVR closes down and it seems Linden Labs, the company behind Second Life, seen as a great opportunity to release a beta version of its VR-world Sansar.

Sansar is currently designed to be used with the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, but it should also go to explore Sansar via a standard Windows computer, though you then miss, of course, the actual VR experience.

In Sansar, users shall be able to design their own rooms/experiences, create 3D objects to these and, of course, fix your own avatar that you use to explore the Sansars worlds.

In the free version of Sansar will be able to create three pieces of personal "experiences" and then there are some different premium versions of the service, which costs between 10 and 100 dollars a month that gives users the ability to create up to 20 different experiences.

in Addition to the so, premium users get access to faster support.

Sansar-users will also have the opportunity to take charge of the other users who want to get access to the experiences they create.

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