TVAddons, on of the most popular repositories of Kodi add-ons, has been brought back to life after shutting down in June.

But though its website has been resurrected , it developer now faces a massive legal challenge against some of Canada's leading cable giants, including Bell, Rogers and Videotron.

Developed by Adam Lackman, TVAddons acts as a go between to connect online streaming sources to the Kodi interface.

But while its developer sees it as little more than a search engine, its detractors see it as a piracy-enabling service, eating into their bottom lines.

Legal teams have come at Lackman aggressively, to the point where the developer is looking to crowdsource funds for legal aid.

And whether or not Lackman's activity proves defensible in court, it seems those who have been pursuing him may have overstepped the mark themselves through bad practice that included an overly-long interrogation and fishing for information on fellow Kodi developers, according to Torrentfreak.

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