Copying Snapchat’s Stories template has proved to be a successful move for Facebook, and now they’re looking to bring the format to another audience.

The Social Network has confirmed that Facebook Stories is coming to desktop, with a new variation of the tool to start appearing in the top right of your Facebook feed.

Yes, that’s right – soon, you’ll be able to catch up with the latest, daily updates from friends from the comfort of your home PC.

Anecdotally, Facebook Stories seems to have been less successful than Facebook’s other Stories options, in Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status.

But Facebook hasn’t released any official numbers, and it may be possible that by adding Stories to desktop, they’ll be introducing the option to a whole audience of users who are largely unaware of the option.

While it’s clear that the majority of Facebook users now access the platform via mobile, millions still log-in via desktop every day.

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