A Silicon Valley company has made the move to Pittsburgh, bringing with it a unique type of artificial intelligence.

Citrine Informatics, a chemicals and materials artificial intelligence (AI) platform, recently opened its first office outside of Silicon Valley in Bakery Square.

Citrine combines materials-aware AI with the world’s largest materials database to help companies deliver high-performance products to market faster.

It’s a feat Citrine CEO Greg Mulholland says they’re under a lot of pressure to do.

He illustrates his point by citing how Boeing strives to become fuel efficient by creating lighter, stronger materials with which to build their jets.

“In hindsight, Pittsburgh was the obvious choice because there is no city on the planet that is both a bulwark of a materials manufacturing economy and is on the cutting edge of AI at the same time,” says Mulholland, adding that the city is home to a lot of “great materials companies” that they either currently work with or plan to work with soon.

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