However, not everything makes sense when it comes to marketing your brand and sometimes people can lose focus on strategy due to the bright and shiny nature of the new tactics that pop up.

Recent conversations got us thinking, so we wanted to talk about some social media marketing mistakes we see brands make, and how they can fix them.

The difference between the two is simple - a strategy is comprised of content pieces meant to serve a specific purpose, while posting is publishing content just to have something in the feed for that day.

We recommend drafting out a content calendar that outlines the days, themes and goals of each content piece so that you have a top-level view of the content being served to your social audience.

Consider your content strategy a living entity that's strict, yet also very flexible and can change with trends.

Not every brand has the budget to invest in hi-res photos and video shoots, however there are resources out there like Pexels and Death to Stock Photo that provide high quality graphics for free.

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