Losing the goose down for merino wool, but keeping those fancy prices

Fashioniastas can understand why someone might spend days looking for the right sweater, maybe even traveling a hundred miles to find it.

But that search would seem downright modest to Jackie Poriadjian-Asch, whose hunt for the right knitwear spanned countries across the globe and took a total of three years.

Poriadjian-Asch is the , the high-end outerwear brand renowned for its thousand-dollar, down-filled parkas.

After nearly six decades of being the outfitter for cold-weather cognoscenti, Canada Goose began a careful expansion into spring wear earlier this year (think: light jackets, quilted crewnecks), and is now ready to try its hand at knits.

And while Poriadjian-Asch credits a team led by chief product officer Lee Turlington, it was also her own business savvy that turned what would have been just a scouting trip into a colorful piece of marketing.

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