A hacker in his mid-20's who used the motto "get rich or die trying" on social media has been linked to a series of cyberattacks against global companies in the energy, construction, mining, oil and infrastructure sectors that were initially believed to be state-sponsored operations.

That's according to Check Point, a global cybersecurity firm headquartered in Israel and the United States, which released a blog post this week (15 August) claiming that the culprit, a Nigerian national, used malware and phishing to hit more than 4,000 companies in total.

The campaign was launched in April this year and Check Point first became aware of the activity after some of its customers were targeted, later forwarding a selection of suspicious emails for investigation.

Researchers theorised that because the attacks were global in scale and targeting such major organisations an "expert gang" could have been involved.

Most governments have sanctioned hacking units that break into computer networks for espionage purposes.

Upon investigation, however, Check Point discovered that it was instead the work of a "lone Nigerian national" living near the country's capital city.

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