The Digiday Content Marketing Summit is coming up next month in Vail, Colorado, and we’re opening up a limited number of complimentary passes for content marketers from brands.

Essentially, they’re groups of up to 30 Instagrammers (the platform allows up to 30 in a group chat) that work with each other to comment on each other’s posts on a daily basis.

Because of the way Instagram’s algorithm works, this leads to Instagram “favoring” pods, which means influencers in pods often appear in the Explore tab, leading to more visibility.

“If you had hoped to get your message in front of X number of people, if you subtract other pod members, that number is dramatically reduced.

CEO Nick Pappas said pods can and do skew results.

For example, say the company was working with a client that wanted to reach mothers who are into clean eating.

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