Studio MDHR’s retro platformer became an instant indie darling the moment critics saw the game in 2013, thanks to its Cuphead perfectly pantomimed 1930s cartoon aesthetic.

But that wait is finally coming to an end.

True to the Contra code

Although Cuphead stands out most in people’s minds for its distinct visuals, the project really started with gameplay.

Brothers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer wanted to make an SNES-era action platformer, “since that’s what they grew up with, so they’d always dreamed of making a game like Contra 2, the Mega Man series, games like that, and the design came afterwards”

While the friendly cartoon visuals might lull you into expecting a kid-friendly platformer, the game is more like Contra than Super Mario Bros, jumping on mushrooms is a surefire way to get yourself killed very quickly.

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