What’s the magic formula that will ensure your Facebook videos are highly shared, engaged with, and generate maximum results?

But the truth is, there is no single right answer – the perfect length of a video or blog post or anything else relates to what you have to say.

'Game of Thrones', for example, likely couldn’t be captured within the length of a single movie, its perfect length relates to the complexity of the story, and how essential each element is.

Even as a basic starting point, it’s worth analyzing the data to see what formats and lengths are generating the best results - it may not be definitive, but it could help inform your own expectations and thinking.

To help with this, the team at BuzzSumo have conducted a new study of Facebook video content, analyzing more than 100 million Facebook videos to get some idea of the best performing topics, optimal video length and comparative data on pre-recorded versus live posts.

First off, BuzzSumo found that videos related to food generated the most engagement on Facebook.

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