Young 20-somethings are chasing the opportunity to work from the convenience of their couches, getting paid premium rates from clients internationally.

And because it seems so glamorous, more and more Gen-Y creatives are pursuing the necessary skills to run a self-sustaining marketing business.

I get it - I used to be one of those Millennials too, and for a solid year, I ran a 6-figure content and social media marketing consultancy all from the convenience of my laptop.

I was working 12 plus hour days and was trying to please far too many clients at once.

If you’re looking to gain massive visibility for your brand, become a paid speaker, get featured in media outlets, and significantly increase your asking price, here are four tips on how to make it happen.

If you lack the personality, values, and controversial viewpoints that will enable you to stand out, it will be difficult to get the right attention.

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