Facebook Marketplace allowed the social media giant to get into the ecommerce game, and now it's expanding to other countries, and to include retail products.

As Facebook’s Director of Product Management Mary Ku previously noted, buying and selling has been taking place on the social network for years, with more than 450 million people taking to the site to barter and trade each month.

“Marketplace makes it easy to find new things you’ll love, and find a new home for the things you’re ready to part with,” Ku wrote.

Only select users are seeing these deals, which are sourced from eBay.

The idea is to make Facebook a bit bigger than just peer-to-peer sales, instead allowing the social network to compete a bit more with real ecommerce platforms.

That said, if you find an eBay deal you like within the Facebook app, you’ll still have to go to eBay’s site to check out.

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