The number of females taking IT-related courses dropped and the gap between males and females widened in this year’s GCSEs and A-levels

The latest GCSE and A-level results have raised concerns of an ever-greater gender gap in the IT industry, with the number of girls taking IT-related courses dropping and the gap between males and females rising.

Entries for the new computer science GCSE, which is intended to replace ICT, rose from 60,521 last year to 64,159 in 2017, with girls accounting for 20 percent of entries, slightly lower than last year.

Entries for ICT, which is being phased out, fell from 84,120 to 73,099.

The subject had proved more attractive to girls than computer science, but there, too, the proportion of female entries dropped from 41 percent to 39 percent.

In 2015 more than 47,000 girls were taking a computing qualification, falling to 41,000 this year, or 30 percent of the total.

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