I have a love-hate relationship with wireless headphones.

The idea is incredibly appealing, but the added complication of charging multiplied by the notoriously finicky Bluetooth tech still has me clinging to my rats’ nest of cords like a fogie who won’t give up his horse-drawn carriage.

They’re built from premium materials and feature a retro design that’s comfortable as heck.

My sensitive noggin appreciated the mindblowingly-soft leather on the ear cups as soon as I donned them—if I had a lounge chair made of this leather, I’d crawl into it and never get up for the rest of my life.

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the HD1s is the single button used for pairing and power.

Every time I tried to turn these headphones on and held the button down for a moment too long, the headphones put themselves into pairing mode.

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