Toshiba made a Star Wars television that’s 24-inches diagonally and designed with a Star Wars pattern.

They’ve gone above-and-beyond when it comes to hyping this less-than-fantastic design, suggesting that “this model draws viewers into the space odyssey action, submerging them into an X-wing mission every time their eyes meet the TV.” Toshiba would certainly have been better served in making the exterior aesthetic of this television set more subtle, focusing instead on the other tiny details that aren’t quite so eye-searing.

The slightly less shocking bits include “a climactic scene of familiar Star Wars sights and sounds, featuring the appearance of a First Order stormtrooper to the accompanying tell-tale low humming sound of a lightsaber” whenever the TV set is turned off.

Whenever the TV is first switched on, the Star Wars logo is shown on-screen.

“Framed, decorated and distinguished with hero X-wing starfighters,” said Toshiba in a release today, “it sweeps viewers up in a rush of Star Wars excitement.” On that note – it’s fairly clear that this model will only be released in Europe, but the price has not yet been revealed.

So thank goodness you don’t have to worry about needing to complete your Star Wars collection with a US-based set like this.

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