Uber Movement, the initiative the company launched in the recent past that gives city planners and other related organizations/professionals access to the company’s traffic data, has just opened its doors for everyone.

Now anyone who creates an account can log into Uber Movements and view the traffic data, doing so for personal projects, academic work, or maybe even just idle curiosity.

Uber Movement was first announced back in January, and it was launched as a beta that provided limited access to the platform.

Movement was initially only available to certain organizations who asked for access and was granted it; the data can be used for, among other things, helping cities plan new construction or figure out way to deal with bottlenecks or slow traffic in some places.

Less than a year later, Uber has taken Movement out of beta and made it available for anyone.

You need an Uber account to log in — an ordinary rider account will suffice — and the number of cities detailed on the platform is currently limited.

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