With built-in appliances like the ones LG debuted at IFA this year, you might be hard-pressed to ever sell your home.

The South Korean company, known for its appliances, has begun to expand its built-in offerings in fit a wider range of kitchen layouts with its Studio appliances.

Noting that customers have become increasingly involved in both designing and personalizing their kitchens (indeed, Pew Research suggests that millennials are moving less frequently than their elder counterparts), LG is giving homeowners a reason to stay put.

Showing off two different sizes and a wider range of styles for their line of built-in appliances, LG claims to combine “the latest kitchen appliance technologies with sophisticated styling, allowing these premium appliances to seamlessly blend in with kitchen interiors while achieving maximum space efficiency.”

First up is the North American LG Studio collection, whose notable smudge-resistant black stainless steel finish ought to make a statement in just about any household.

This line of products includes a 30-inch electric wall oven, a 36-inch induction stovetop, a radiant gas cooktop and wall hood, a 24-inch QuadWash dishwasher, and a spacious 42-inch Side-by-Side refrigerator.

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